E few words about the company

     ZAKE Ltd. Černovice is the manufacturer of small:

  • ladies and gentleman’s purses
  • wallets
  • manager-portfolios
  • cases
  • key-rings
  • spectacle-cases
  • pencil-cases
  • different boxes from the leather

    The production of this goods in the company has more than 60-yers tradition, as is guaranteeing of the high stability. All the products are characterized by perfect working under use of the new materials and the modern technology.

      Yearly are constantly done the new assortments, which answers to the modish trends. The global production program contains more than 500 the standard exemplars and the example of the produce you can see in the slot PRODUCTS.

     Our company attends constantly of the exhibition and marketable actions e.g. the fair business days TORI for the small customers in the Olomouc, Plzeň and Praha. Here you can to see our salesman and in some detail acquaint oneself with our production.